• Empires & Allies - Exclusive First Look Trailer

    Check out this <a href="http://zynga.tm/b06Pu" target="_blank">exclusive trailer</a> for Empires & Allies, Zynga’s exciting new entry into the mobile action strategy genre. <br><br>Stay tuned, Empires and Allies is currently in geo-lock beta and will be available for download to your mobile device soon. <br>

  • Incorrect Avalon Early Access items?

    We received reports that players who purchased the Early Access to Avalon Kingdom didn't receive the correct items. Our Development Team has already delivered the actual rewards to the Gift Box of affected players. Happy Farming!

Stampede Run Help Center

Hey Runners,

Thank you for stampeding with us! Our time outrunning the bulls in Pamplona is coming to an end: Stampede Run will be shutting down on April 20, 2015.

The running doesn’t stop here though! We’ve recently launched Looney Tunes Dash!, a new running game where you can join your favorite Looney Tunes characters in iconic show scenes to complete levels and unlock the Looney Tunes story. 

As a loyal Stampede Run player, we’d like to give you a bonus for trying it out. Click here for more details.

Happy Running,

The Stampede Run Team

Hi Runners,

Here are some tips and guides to help you along in Stampede Run. Click on the above images to access our most helpful and popular articles. For other helpful articles and pages, simply click on the links below:


·           The Zynga Self-Service Tool

·           Ending Older Games

·           Keep Running


·           Official Fan Page



·           Update your game - Apple and Android

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