How can I remove a Poker Buddy?

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To remove a Poker Buddy from your Zynga Poker app on Facebook:

1. Click the Profile icon on the left side of screen. Do this when you in the Zynga Poker Lobby or seated at a Zynga Poker table.
    • Your Profile will appear. 

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2. Click the Show Buddies option, located at the top of your Profile window.

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3. Mouse over the buddy you would like to remove and a Remove Buddy button will appear. Click to remove.


The Poker buddy you have removed will no longer appear in your Poker Buddies List.

Please note:
If the user you wish to remove does not appear under the Buddies list, or if they do but there is no option to remove them, please check to see if they are a Facebook Friend. To remove Buddies that are Facebook Friends, you will need to remove that player as a Facebook Friend. For more assistance removing Facebook Friends, please refer to Facebook's Help center or click here.

• Those who are on your social network Friends list and have the Texas Hold'Em Poker application installed are poker Friends.
• Those who you have invited through the Texas Hold'Em Poker application while you are playing, are your Poker Buddies.


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