Quest Guide

Thu Jan 29 05:43:12 EST 2015 1
Hi Spinners!

What is a Quest?

As defined by Wikipedia “A long or arduous search for something“ which is exactly what you’re doing in Zynga Slots! While your pet is traveling down the adventure path gathering goods to help you gain perks and levels there will be tasks that populate, called Quests. You may be thinking, “How can there possibly be a quest in a slots game?” Well, we have that covered!

The Quests in Zynga Slots are designed around your distance, spins, friends, collections and bosses. Each Quest will present itself as you begin to acquire things related to that task and can be easily accessed through the quest icon on the top right hand side of the adventure path.

Once you’ve double clicked on a specific quest the popup will be available to show you exactly what you need to complete the Quest and the rewards for completion! The great thing is that these rewards get immediately granted to your account once the Quest is complete. This also includes pets! Want to see your new pet? It’s as easy as clicking on your pet, going through the store or viewing your profile.

Enjoy the game!

Elite Slots Support Team

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