Corrupted Games Help for Words With Friends

Fri Jan 10 07:47:49 EST 2014 9

What is a corrupted game?
An inaccessible game that can no longer be played due to data not properly received by the client application and/or the server.

Ways to indicate a corrupted game

  • “Out of Sync” message appears when accessing a particular game
  • Particular game is frozen/unable to open
  • Tiles unable to be placed onto the board

What to do when this occurs
A corrupt game will be automatically removed from your active games when the game reaches its auto-resign time limit.

  • 6 days for “random” opponent games
  • 11 days for all other games

If you have any questions about a corrupt game, please provide us with the following information

  • Username of the opponent in the corrupt game
  • Date/time the game started
  • What occurs when you try to open the particular game
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