Having Clan Issues?

Tue Apr 01 19:11:39 EDT 2014 60
​Konnichiwa Ninjas!

It came to us that users are having some issues with their clans such as the following:

- Clan Leaders/Creators can't kick Members - FIXED!
- Error Codes 2 and 3, 120, No String, or others) 
- Clan Chat Not Working
- Clan Leadership Change

Due to the extensive nature of this specific feature, the Support Team doesn't have the capability to fix the mentioned concerns at the moment. Please be aware that our Development Team is currently working hard to resolve this issue and hope to get this sorted out in the soonest possible time. 

If you're affected by this, kindly click the "Fix it, Zynga" button below. Also, for us to better track your specific Clan concerns, feel free to fill this form out and place your specifics under the Game play category. We appreciate your usual patience and understanding. Thank you!
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