Battle Strategy

Wed Jan 28 07:41:35 EST 2015 4
Konnichiwa Ninjas!

Battle Strategy:
Use the following tips to maximize your attack strategy! ​

- Take out enemy air defenses before deploying your flying troops!

- Distract enemy defenses with tougher troops like Samurai before deploying weaker troops.

- Your Oni and Taiho can be controlled in battle!  Click on the Oni/Taiho's picture then select a target building on the map!

- Repair and upgrade your Ships to increase the maximum size of your army!

- Send out Grunts at the start of a battle to trigger traps before deploying the rest of your army!

- Don't like your PvP match-up?  Press the "New Opponent" button to get a different match up!

Feel free to check our Troop Tips article as well for more information!


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